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See of Light

A dewdrop infused with light
Light on a ripe lemon
A flower drinking light
A tree barking at light
Undulating light bubbling around air
Light passing time on a wristwatch
Two halves of a zipper interlaced with light
A finger ringed with light
Light crossing the bridge of a nose
Light tracing a cheekbone
An ear pierced by loops of light
Light staring at sunglasses
Pondering a forehead
Lips kissing light
Kissing shadow
Light in your lover’s eye
A silhouette sketched by light
A notebook bound by spiraling light
A silver railing supporting a line of light
Light grasped on a doorknob
Light drawn from a light well
A water fountain quenching light
A plate of porcelain light
Light streaming down a hallway
Sliding across polished brick
Lingering in a pool of saliva
Wrapped in crumpled cellophane
Corrugated aluminum light
Light falling across a stucco wall at high noon
Stacked between sheaves of glass
Bending and shivering inside neon tubes
Pixilated light
Light ascending an escalator
A wheel rimmed by spokes of light
Cars bumper to bumper humping light
Light spikes through passing boxcars
A lighthouse punching through fog
Light surfing waves of tumbling diamond light
A sail inflated with light
A wingtip sheathed in light
Rippling river light
A lake of frozen light
Icicles dripping light
Twilight slipping through land and sky
Fireworks trickling into darkness
Fireflies alight at night
Campfire light in the eyes of wolves
Veins of thunder-cracked light
Rivulets of light drizzling down a window
Burning ember light weaving into evening

- Ken Paul Rosenthal © 2005