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In Progress
16mm, color, sound, 6 minutes.
Producer: Angel Vasquez;
Director, Camera, Writer: Ken Paul Rosenthal;
Editors: Al Hernandez/Ken Paul Rosenthal;
Sound Design: Jim Batcho
Cast: Renee Beaulaurier (Mother),
Zachary Schramm (Kino)

An experimental narrative about a woman who chases the elusive, fleeting spectre of her unborn child before a molten and turbulent sea. The triangulation between mother and son, the ocean body, and the materiality of the film medium is encouraged by numerous bacterial and photochemical techniques such as ray-o-gramming, processing in seawater and urine, chemical toning and reticulation, mulching film in seaweed and sand, and under-water photography. Inspired by the director's near-death accident at the Sutro Baths while filming the El Niño of 1997. – KPR


The completed version of Flow will be color toned by hand as seen below.



Screenings (of version in progress)

JFK University, Berkeley, CA – Balancing Perspectives; East Asian Influences in Contemporary Art, 2008
43rd Ann Arbor Film Festival, 2005
CSU Media Arts Festival, Channel Islands, California – Kodak Award Cinematography/
    Rosebud Award Experimental
, 2004
20th Film Arts Festival of Independent Cinema, San Francisco, California, 2004