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sutro baths

Artist Statement

I make film to nurture a more intimate relationship with the animate world, help alleviate human suffering by cultivating beauty, and build community through live, conscious dialogue. My current work explores the geography of madness through the regenerative power of nature, urban landscapes, home movies, and archival footage from social hygiene films. My arts practice synergizes personal expression and formal experimentation with emotional inquiry and social responsibility. I aspire to make work that is both creative and critical—a sensual intelligence that touches the mind through the heart.

I’m interested in the capacity of the camera frame to direct our attention in terms of what and how we see; the presence of human gesture made manifest through the flickering tactility of cinema; and the challenge to retain the texture of that gesture in the realm of one’s and zero’s. How can we trust our own eyes in these technocratic times when pictures are as easily produced and reproduced as they are disposed of? What does it mean to be authentic when our experience of the world is increasingly virtual? How can we ground ourselves in a culture of distractions mediated by an ever-shifting media landscape?

I strive to answer these questions through my art/work, and serve the world as an agent of direct change—as a mindful visionary—and establish new paradigms for participation through what Paoulo Freire referred to as “informed action.” For me, the process of filmmaking and the search for consciousness are interdependent endeavors. I make film, not simply to ‘take pictures’, but to connect more deeply to my subject, my self, my community—and the big picture.